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Advisor Gerald "Dee" Lyda Comes to Visit Site for Quality Control

Thought you would be interested to hear that Gerald "Dee" Lyda came out to visit the job site today. He has volunteered to mentor Alpine Contracting and act as an advisor. Lyda's family company , "Lyda Construction", was one of the biggest General Contractors in San Antonio back in the 1970's  to 1990's. The company has built some of the most prominent buildings in San Antonio including the Alamo Dome, Fiesta Texas, many hospitals, and all the military bases.  His father, Gerald Lyda Sr., started as a carpenter (with no power tools) back in the 50's and built the company into one of the greatest in Texas.  Gerald Lyda and his family are one of the biggest legends in the construction industry. We are honored to have Dee Lyda as a mentor for Alpine Contracting. 

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